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About Lee Roy Hawkins, Sr.

Lee Roy Hawkins, Sr. has studies and performed music throughout his life. In his childhood in Alabama, his aunt was the guitarist that stimulated his interest. After moving to Minnesota, during his teen years, he studied voice, piano, and guitar. In school, he played alto saxophone in the school marching band and sung in the choir.

His after school part-time job was performing with the Exciters, and the Gladiators.. During his time in the Air Force, he performed with The Pacers and the High Tones. After he was discharged from the Air Force he performed with Soul Support, Sounds of Blackness and many other groups.

Lee has performed for many events around the nation, including the Ebony Fashion Fair, Minnesota Music Awards, schools, American Cancer Association events. (As a cancer survivor, he wrote a song used for their events.) He has also played for Special Olympics,. Volunteer of America, and many other church, college and community events.

He has been a dedicated church musician for over 38 years at the Mount Olivet Baptist Church in St. Paul where he directed the Youth Ensemble. For 10 years, he directed the JJ Kid Band who was sponsored by the Jack and Jill of America, Inc. for the Festival of Nations. He was honored with a special award from the Festival of Nations and a host of other organizations. Hs has served as a mentor and teacher for many musicians.

Lee Roy has assisted many groups with recording sessions, including his son, Lee Jr. with his debut CD. He has also had the pleasure of performing with his wife, Roberta and children Tammi Harmon, Lee Jr. and Tiffany at various concerts.

Lee Roy believes that his music is a gift from God and that music can be used to provide positive messages and good news. He believes that hope, joy, and love can be spread through music as well.

Lee Roy is a Viet Nam era veteran of the United States Air Force. He retired from the Qwest corporation after 33 years of service. He holds a BA from Metropolitan State University and a Master's Degree from St. Mary's University. He has been married to his lovely wife Roberta for 41 years. They have three children and three grandchildren.


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